The Washington State Lottery is not too bad when it comes to published data for Scratch Game data in the USA. The data they publish on their website is just enough to enable ScratchSmarter to produce an accurate analysis of every Washington Scratch Game – giving our customers an UNFAIR Advantage – letting them focus their money on only the VERY BEST GAMES to Play!  We prefer to have ALL prizes remaining for all prize levels for our algorithm to be 100% accurate, however, having the top 3 prize levels remaining & unclaimed prizes on their site, updated daily still allows us to give our subscribers an unfair advantage!

The one thing we love about the Washington lottery?!?  They have a ‘game finder’ on their site!  So, if you’re looking for a “Best Game to Play’ from our report, their Game finder will tell you which retailers still have that game in stock to purchase!

The Facts

Lottery Corporation: Washington Lottery

Nickname: Scratch Games

How do you know we’re up to date on the Washington Lottery?

Check out our free page listing all Washington Scratch-Off games and how many of the top prizes are remaining:

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